Dominica Citizenship: A Valuable asset

Dominica is an island strategically located between the two French Islands of Guadeloupe in the North and Martinique to the South in the Eastern Caribbean. It is three and a half hours direct flight from Miami, the closest US Port. Often mistaken for Dominica Republic, Dominica has adopted the name Commonwealth of Dominica to differentiate it from its Spanish-Speaking neighbor in the north, the Dominica Republic. Dominica is a former British Colony having obtained its independence in 1978 but have adopted and followed the Westminster model system of Government and the British Common Law. It is a parliamentary democracy. Dominica is known for its natural beauty, pristine beaches, and tropical climate. However, in recent years, Dominica has also become much more known for its attractive and valuable Citizenship by Investment Program (CBI), which allows foreign investors to obtain citizenship in exchange for a significant investment in the country’s economy. The Dominica CIP has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many investors brecognizing the value of obtaining a second passport. There are several reasons why Dominica citizenship is a valuable asset.

How Dominica Citizenship is A Valuable Asset?

Dominica citizenship can also provide access to a range of educational opportunities. Dominica has a well-developed education system, with many high-quality tertiary learning institutions – business schools, colleges and universities including IT and Medical Schools. . This means that investors and their families can access a world-class educational programs and disciplines, which can open up a range of opportunities for personal and professional development.

What is the minimum investment required to obtain Dominica citizenship through the CIP?

Investors are required to make a minimum investment of USD $100,000 for a single individual into the country's economy through donation process to the Government’s Economic Diversification Fund or a minimum of USD $220,000.00 investment in a Government-Approved Real Estate Project.

How many countries can Dominica passport holders access without a visa?

Dominica Passport holders can access over 150 countries without a visa or with visa-on-arrival, including the United Kingdom, Schengen Countries, and many other countries around the world as stated above.

Can Dominica's citizenship be passed down to future generations?

Yes, Dominica Citizenship can be passed down to future generations, providing long-term security and stability for families. This is an important advantage for those who are looking for a long-term investment and a sense of security for their families.


In conclusion, it is without doubt and you must agree that Dominica citizenship is a valuable asset for investors who are looking for a stable and secure environment to do business in, as well as those who are looking for a second passport for travel purposes without the hassle of obtaining a visa traveling without boundaries and for investment purposes is the underlying priorities of the Dominica Citizenship Program. For Your Dominica Citizenship and Passport contact us at WhinChester Corporate PowerHouse. We will provide you with expert service and advice. We will be there with you every step of the way until you get your Dominica Passport.

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