Dominica Has
Reengineered Its Citizenship By Investment Program


The Commonwealth of Dominica’s Government has implemented extensive revisions to its Citizenship by Investment program, aiming to bolster the program’s propriety and integrity while attracting investors of high standing.

A noteworthy change involves disqualifying applicants who have faced visa rejections from the European Union, United Kingdom, USA, and Canada, and have subsequently failed to secure a visa or residence permit from those nations.

Additionally, individuals with visa rejections from any country under Dominica’s Visa-Free arrangement are also ineligible for Dominican Citizenship.

Although these changes may limit the pool of potential candidates, they contribute to the program’s integrity by ensuring that successful applicants pose no concerns or risks to the countries mentioned.

Despite these stringent measures, hope remains for individuals interested in Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program.

Embracing the adage that “amid difficulties lies opportunities,” candidates who have not applied for visas to Dominica’s Visa-Free Countries may find it advantageous to initiate their journey by applying for Dominica Citizenship.

Success in this initial step can pave the way for smoother interactions with Visa-Free Countries, positioning Dominica as a favourable first screening test for global investors

Dominica has recently implemented significant changes to its application and renewal license fees for authorized agents and promoters, increasing by over a hundred per cent. To be licensed as a promoter, individuals must now establish a contractual engagement with an authorized agent. External authorized agents, who are not residents of Dominica, are required to submit their applications in person.

Additionally, they must maintain a physical business presence in Dominica with a minimum of three staff members, provide evidence of bi-annual visits to the country, and meet specific qualifications for obtaining new licenses or renewing existing ones. Authorized agents are also prohibited from endorsing promoters who operate outside the country’s promotional guidelines without proper licensing from the Government of Dominica.

These adjustments aim to address concerns that external authorized agents may not act in the best interests of the program due to their lack of connection with the country. Some agents, who have never visited Dominica and solely process applications for a fee, prompted the need for these requirements.

The intention is for external agents to not only focus on financial gains but also to foster a connection with the country and its program. By imposing these requirements, Dominica hopes to see a shift in attitude among external agents, promoting a screening process based on credibility, good standing, and a lack of questionable character when selecting potential program candidates.

Another objective of these enhanced requirements is to eliminate non-productive agents and promoters who contribute little to the program’s success. Dominica has also introduced mandatory interviews for all applicants aged 16 and above and an enhanced due diligence process for individuals from specific countries or regions identified as security risks. The enhanced due diligence incurs additional fees due to its more comprehensive nature, involving deeper research, investigation, and background checks.

The mandatory interviews serve to verify the identity of applicants and the accuracy of the information provided in their applications. While the primary language for interviews is English, accommodations can be made for applicants whose primary language is different.

Although these changes introduce additional requirements and layers to the program, they are deemed necessary to reinforce and uphold the propriety, respectability, and integrity of the longstanding Dominica Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Program, which has been in operation for over 30 years.

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By Author: Stephen Isidore

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