Eu’s Review of the Citizenship by Investment Program Being Offered by the Eastern Caribbean Countries

 The Commission to the European Parliament has concluded the council’s sixth report under the Visa Suspension Mechanism and has submitted the same to the European Parliament.  In the said report the Commission reviewed the citizenship by investment program being offered by the Eastern Caribbean Countries of Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts & Nevis and Grenada and highlighted areas that are of concern to the commission. The areas of concerns for the EU are as follows:

These are the EU concerns. Dominica’s experienced Immigration lawyer, Stephen Isidore, stated that he  thinks none of the Eastern Caribbean Countries should be worried over the EU findings once they properly address those concerns to the EU’s Satisfaction. Mr. Isidore went on to say “certainly, Dominica should not be worried. So is Antigua or Grenada or anyone of them. It is widely said that in the midst of difficulties lies opportunities.  This is a welcoming opportunity for Dominica to properly scrutinize its program and take the necessary measures to satisfy the EU concerns and at the same time regain the British confidence in their program. There is no better time for Dominica than now.  Dominica should not allow this opportunity to pass them. “

The commission did make mention of the fact that all five Eastern Caribbean Countries did cooperate with the CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS)’s Joint Regional Communications Centre (JRCC) who assisted with obtaining the confidential information on each member of the application. Mr. Isidore continued that this was a very good move from the countries and their participation without hesitation must be commended and will work well for them. It is his view that the Eastern Caribbean Countries that are offering the Citizenship by Investment program should work in unity as one block to deal with the EU concerns. As Hilary Clinton says we are stronger together. You can achieve much more as one as opposed to each country trying to work on its own.

In Mr. Isidore’s thinking that the EU primary objective in looking at the Eastern Caribbean Countries Citizenship by Investment Program is not to implement visa entry on the island citizens but to prevent the risk that third country nationals enter without visas in their territories and then continue travelling irregularly towards the EU. The EU is also of the view that Further efforts are also needed in the fight against organised crime and corruption and that the Eastern Caribbean Counties making those relevant changes to their citizenship programs can help the EU to prevent irregular travelling throughout the union and further to help the union in the fight against the proliferation of crime and corruption. These findings present a suitable time and moment for the Easter Caribbean Countries to work together with the European Union and at the same time saving their citizenship programs which is so beneficial to their individual economies. Mr. Isidore says all the member states of the organization of the Eastern Caribbean Union should embrace the EU findings and work together with them to achieve their mission. They have nothing to lose if they were to do so.


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