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Corporate & Immigration Services

Through [GRCBI]

Making life easier for you in this forever increasingly perplexed and complicated world by offering clients corporate services, bank introduction services, business consultancy services, legal consulting and opportunities for individuals to engage in international travel and commerce; all made possible through our exquisite Global Residency & Citizenship by Investment Services [GRCBI], personally and entrepreneurially tailored for you. Come on, Let us onboard you TODAY!

We Provide |

Corporate & Immigration Services

Through [GRCBI]

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WhinChester at its core is a boutique immigration, corporate services and international business consulting firm. We have assisted many clients in re-domiciling their business, residence, choice of travel documents for the better. With its first class rated office services, WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse {WHINCHESTER] empowers HNWIs and families to explore the multifarious opportunities presented by the Caribbean Citizenship & Residency Programs, European Citizenship& Citizenship Residency Programs, Golden Visa Programs, international Business and Relations, Corporate Services, Asset Protection, not forgetting Local and International Banking and licensing.

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WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse

It is undoubtedly an industry leader in Immigration Services, Investor citizenship Programs, Management, Intellectual Property Rights and Protection, Local & International Banking Advisory Services, Corporate and International Business Services as well as trust formation and tax optimization. Our priority is always our clients. We put their individual needs first and understand the value of building relationships based on mutual corporate trust and appreciation of our clients’ business and their needs. We bring commitment, commercial awareness and legal experience in the delivery of our services. WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse is a registered entity in the United Arab Emirates and Governed by the laws of the Emirates.

It is licensed to provide immigration, residency, management, real estate, corporate and International Business Services in several European Countries, Asian Countries, Caribbean and Latin American Countries and regulated by each of these countries regulatory body.


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Medical School Entry & License

Apply for full and unrestricted Medical Licensing to own and operate your International Medical School in Dominica.

WhinChester provides a centralized application process to both students applying for entry into Medical Schools as well as to Medical Professional Groups interested in getting licensed to provide medical education, medical research centres and other disciplines from Dominica.


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You want your business to cross borders. You want to increase your annual earnings and profit. WhinChester can help you. No problem in going overseas to do business. It is a serious and brave decision to make but don’t be afraid to venture. To begin with, you will need the right Corporate Services Provider. Majority of companies interested in doing business overseas wants a one-stop -service provider to provide them with the full scale of corporate services required in their new choice jurisdiction. Too many vendors giving a piece of service here and there will bring up your costs of doing business and slow down your pace.

One of the most rewarding sides of business growth is by controlling the costs of doing business whilst simultaneously expanding your business beyond present borders to more lucrative markets. Partnering with WhinChester as your one-stop-service provider to cover all your corporate services need will present you with this eventuality of growth and expansion.

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WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse Ltd.

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WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse Ltd.


WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse Ltd.


WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse Ltd.


WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse Ltd.


WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse Ltd.


WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse Ltd.


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