Dominica Citizenship Passports Residency Program

Commonwealth Of Dominica

Capital City:  Roseau “Nature Island of The Caribbean”

Population 72,000 (2020)
Minimum Investment: US$100,000
Dual Citizenship Permitted
Global Mobility 160 Destinations
Residency Requirement None
Processing time 3 months
Population Density Sparsely populated. Lots of land to build residences.
Official Language English (Primary) French Creole (Secondary)
Our Location 4 hours by air
Currency Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC$)

The process is simple.  In exchange for minimum donation of USD 100,000 to Dominica’s Economic Diversification Fund [EDF], you can receive full citizenship within twelve (12) weeks; once you have been declared a fit and proper person. 

Dominica passport is quite strong and offers Visa-Free Access to over 160 countries.  List of Visa- Free countries include the whole of  Schengen Area, the HK, Russia, Malaysia and others.  China is now on board!!

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Best Citizenship Program
2021 CBI Index

Dominica: Best Citizenship by Investment Program 2021

For a fifth consecutive year, the Commonwealth of Dominica has been internationally ranked and recognized as offering the world’s Best Citizenship Program by the CBI Index.

The CBI Index is a yearly publication from the Financial Times Professional Wealth Management Magazine which constitutes an in-depth report that examines and evaluates Citizenship by Investment Program worldwide.

The CBI Index assesses all countries with operational Citizenship by Investment Programs using a rating system based on 13 pillars.  Dominica’s Program obtained a perfect 12 score.

1. Minimum Investment Outlay

A minimum investment of US$100’000is required for a single applicant under the Economic Diversification Fund.

2. Ease of Processing

Dominica CBI Program features a straightforward and streamline processing system.  Three months processing time.

3. Mandatory Travel or Residence

Dominica does not require applicants to travel to the island before, during or after obtaining citizenship.

4. Due Diligence

Due Diligence is carried out within the CBI Unit by international third party due diligence firms and by regional law enforcement.

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5. Family

Subject to the fulfillment of certain requirements, Dominica allows a spouse, children age 30 and under, parents, grandparents and siblings, all at once, to be included in the same application.

6. Certainty of Product

Established in 1993, Dominica’s CBI Program is one of the longest standing Programs in the Citizenship by Investment industry.  Its passport is of high station, prominence, reputable and enjoys renowned credibility and world wide acceptance.

7. Affordability & Attraction

A family of four members can now acquire Dominica’s Citizenship for US$175,000.00. We at WhinChester can guarantee that !.

8. Time

Minimum three (3) months for approval.

9. Dual Citizenship

It is allowed.

10. Residency

No residency or interview requirement.

11. Life Span

Irrevocable Citizenship is granted for life. Passport renewable every ten years.

12. Global Mobility

Visa-free travel to over 160 countries including the whole of all Schengen Member Countries, Commonwealth Countries, HK, Russia, China, Singapore and more.

13. Type of Passport



  • Right to live and work in Dominica
  • Visa-free travel to approximately 160 countries and territories,
    Including all Member States of the Schengen Area, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Egypt, all African States, all South & Latin American Countries, and all Caribbean Countries you can enter with Dominica Passport Visa –Free
  • 3 months processing time to Citizenship Approval
  • No interview, education, language test or business experience required
  • No requirement to reside in Dominica before or after Citizenship is granted
  • Well-known, stable, and established investment environment
  • Very safe and peaceful Parliamentary Democratic Republic, parliamentary elections every five years
  • Stable Currency pegged unto the US Dollar
  • No income tax on income generated out of Dominica
  • Favourable tax jurisdiction – No property tax, no inheritance tax, no capital gains tax
  • Excellent Educational institution for Children modelled onto the UK educational system– medical schools, veterinary science schools, business schools

Dominica Schedule Of Fees


Government Fund Contribution

Real Estate Investment

We at WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse [WHINCHESTER] will handle everything. Let us know your current immigration needs and what you are hoping to achieve, you will get an instant acknowledgment. The fields marked with an * are mandatory

Dominica Passport Visa
Free Countries
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Win Visa

The Covid-19 Pandemic has created new opportunities on the world wide scale and so Dominica has taken the steps to welcome persons to work remotely from Dominica.

The country is inviting digital nomads and remote workers to stay on the island for an extended period under a new visa program. The newly launched Work in Nature (WIN) visa allows tourists to relocate to Dominica for a period of up to eighteen months to work remotely and live amongst the natural beauty of the island.

With the world-wide travel restriction being eased up due to the disappearing pandemic there are certain persons who have adapted to remote working and can still take advantage of Dominica work in Nature Visa Program.

Dominica’s WIN visa offers a wide range of benefits including a healthy work-life balance in a nation that has globally accepted health and safety protocols. Families and individuals can apply for the WIN Visa with Dominica offering a family bundle program that encourages children to school. Dominica has tertiary institutions of learning in the fields of medicine, veterinary sciences, business administration, Information technology, Nursing and others.


Application Fee – USD$100

Visa Costs For Single Applicant – USD$800

Visa Costs For Family  –  USD$1200


  • Must be 18 years and over
  • Of good character
  • Clean police clearance certificate
  • Income earning ability of USD$50’000 minimum.

You can speak with us about your interests in Dominica WIN Visa. We will provide you with all the information you need and help you get your Visa.


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Dominica Citizenship & Residency


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