European Citizenship Program - PORTUGAL


Capital City:  Lisbon 

Population 10.29 Million (2021)
Speaking Language Portuguese
Single Investment 3 Generation Program
Minimum Investment Euro 280’000 for Residency Permit
Residency Requirement 7 days Every Year
Visa Free Travel - 187 Destinations and European Citizenship.
Temporary Residency Processing Time 6 Months
Citizenship Processing Time 5years after Residency
Benefits Live, Study, Work in EU, Visa-Free travel in Schengen

Golden Visa Program |

Portugal Golden Visa Program has proven to be the most popular scheme in Europe with investors attracted to its flexibility and benefits.  Launched in 2012 the Investor Visa Program has been actively promoted internationally by the Portuguese Government. It is an Investment based residency program that lays out a clear path for families to move and settle down in Portugal over a defined period of time.


Portugal GV is one of the simplest and transparent ways of becoming a European Citizen.   An investment of €500,000 (or €350,000.00 reduced option) in Real Estate in Portugal will give you a residency permit for yourself and family including your dependent children.  This residency permit is a consequence of the Golden Visa which can be renewed every two years providing the applicant spends two weeks in the country every two years.


The Portuguese golden Visa Programme targets High –Profile Non-European Investors interested in having a back-up plan for future generations. The programme allows investors and their family members to travel, work, live and study in the Schengen countries.


After five years based on the current Portuguese Citizenship Laws at the time,  you can apply for your Portuguese passport, which constantly ranks amongst the most powerful passports, granting visa free access to over 170 countries.


The Portuguese Golden Visa keeps on being awarded the best available program to guarantee a safe backup plan to investors and their family members.


It is the only programme in Europe that allows investors and their families to get European Citizenship in just five years without having to relocate (the only stipulation being that you have to be resident in the country for send days per year).


The residence permit programme is a scheme that grants investor access to Portuguese residency through investment, starting from Euro 280,000. In addition, once approved, residents immediately gain the use of Portugal’s public hospitals at no charge, as well as access to European Universities and job markets. Therefore, applying for a Portuguese Golden Visa brings a wealth of opportunities from exciting business prospects to long-term plans for retirement and education and career for next generation. 


Portugal is one of the few countries that has a Visa Waiver Program [VWP] with the US. Under the VWP Portuguese are permitted to travel to the United States for business or tourism for stays of up to 90 days without a Visa.



One of the most attractive options of the Portugal Investor Citizenship Program is the ability for permanent residency and citizenship after five (5) years without the need to reside in Portugal.   In fact the applicant and his family need only visit for two weeks every two years in order to renew the Portuguese Golden Visa.  In Portugal, citizenship can be granted without the applicant having resided in the country.  However, the Investor having acquired Residency through the Golden Visa Program will need to demonstrate ties to the country and pass a basic language test.  Citizenship of Portugal and a Second Passport (Portugal Passport) conveys the right to live, work and study anywhere in the European Union.  The Portuguese Residency Card granted through the Golden Visa Program allows the holder to travel throughout the EU Schengen Zone.


Property Investment

Investors buying into the Real Estate in Portugal for the Golden Visa now have excellent prospects for capital gain in the coming years as property prices have been rising significantly.  Potential buyers must be advised and guided as there are clear distinctions between typical vacation homes on the coast in Portugal City in Central Lisbon and renovation projects qualifying for the reduced investment (€280,000 and €350,000 categories)



Golden Visa is obtainable through the reduced Investment of €280,000 and €350,000 into real estate requiring renovation but the projects must be approved by SEF as qualifying for the reduced investment amount and this is very critical to ensure that the right project and legal advice is obtained before embarking on such investment.  Should you be interested in the reduced investment option to acquire your Portuguese Residency, talk to us, we can help you. 


Gaining Portugal Residency is a gateway to live your dream life in Europe. Why Portugal?

  • 3rd Safest Country in the World
  • 5th Strongest Passport in the World
  • Best Country in Europe for Expatriates
  • 6th Lowest Costs of Living in Europe
  • Pleasant Mediterranean Climate
  • 12th for Quality Health Care in the World.


  • Visa Free Travel in 187 Countries
  • Get Residency in 6 months
  • Get EU Citizenship after 5 years of Residency
  • Residency Requirement in Portugal – minimum 7 days per year
  • Visa Free Access to Schengen Area
  • Live, Work and Study in Portugal
  • Family Reunification – You+Spouse+Children+Parents+ Parents-in Law
  • Access to EU Universities
  • Access to World Class Healthcare System
  • Subsidized Tertiary Education & Scholarship
  • Conduct business and trade with any EU Country without any additional permit
  • NHR – Special Tax Regime

Portugal offers the coveted European Life – surprisingly affordable good living, great locale and pleasant climate, complimented with opportunities for work, education, and healthcare in Europe. Let us help you to transform your life.


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Portugal Citizenship

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