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Yes! We understand your scepticism. That’s quite normal. Knowing what’s happening out there; lots of scammers which you must exercise the utmost vigilance against. 

WhinChester Corporate PowerHouse [WHINCORP] is a UAE-based company founded by a professional team of lawyers, accountants, bankers and immigration specialists.  We’ve been providing immigration and corporate services from a number of jurisdictions to a vast number of clients both from average to HNWIs. We are an A+ Better Business Bureau-Accredited company with established offices in major cities around the globe. Our Headquarters is in Burjuman, Dubai.

You can visit our offices; reach us via phone, Whatsapps, email, Facebook, Instagram, Linked. You’ll always talk to a real person when you contact us. We are not in machine and press 1, 2 business.

We can serve you from anywhere. We are in Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and the Middle East.. Check our contact page. 

We offer a myriad of services from immigration to corporate to intellectual property registration and protection to international banks licensing. For immigration services we offer Citizenship-by-Investment program {CBI] both for the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. We also offer Asia, European and Caribbean, Residency-by-Investment programs [RCBI]. On the corporate side we do company formation and maintenance, bank account opening in as many jurisdictions to serve our clients, advice on the best tax jurisdiction to set up as your taxing jurisdiction and the establishment of the best and most efficient model. For more in-depth knowledge of services we offer click Our Services.

As an Authorised Agent, we will assist you the main applicant with your application by helping you to obtain all the required documentation and submitting the application on your behalf to the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) for processing; maintaining contact and liaising with the Processing Unit until completion. 


For whatever services, you engage WhinChester, we will provide all the guidance and support you need geared towards success.

In order to maintain such a high success rate for our clients, we ensure you’ve successfully complete all required documents, review your application more than three separate times to ensure the highest possible completion and documents quality, that your application is ready to be filed. We have the experience and so we use this experience to our advantage to ensure every requirement is satisfied before lodging your application.

First, we check your forms to make sure they’re complete and accurate. Secondly, we check your documents to ensure they are the correct ones and are in compliance with the requirements.

Thirdly, we thoroughly run a quality assurance check to cross reference your forms to your supporting documents, ensuring everything matches up. Lastly, we pass your application to the In-house attorney in our network who legally reviews your entire application package to ensure completeness as well as to check for any potential legal issues.

Then only we upload your application ourselves;all your forms and supporting documents and then review then finally after uploading before submitting to be fully satisfied that each one of them meet the country’s government requirements and standards before submitting.

Once your application’s has been submitted electronically, we thereafter assemble all hard copies in exactly the way that the Citizenship and Immigration Services Processing Unit wants it and lodged it with them.


And most importantly in a nutshell, we avoid the common mistakes of:

  • Not conducting thorough Know-Your-Client checks
  • Missing pertinent & relevant documents and information
  • Failing to provide the requested police clearance certificates (PCC)
  • Lack of verifiable and reliability of funds
  • Lack of ensuring client’s sufficiency of funds before embarking on the application process
  • Avoiding the submission of Outdated or Stale-dated relevant documents such as PCC, Medical Questionnaire, bank reference, address proof

Sending your immigration application package is only the first step. After the lodgement of the application we get an acknowledgement from the unit and their confirmation whether everything is in or if they require any further information or document based on their review.  Depending on your situation, this is usually done in a matter of two–three weeks. Once everything is okay, your file goes for independent due diligence and investigation checks which takes a minimum of six weeks. WhinChester stays with you the whole time, helping you keep on top and ahead of next steps, such as receipt of letter of approval, payment of the required investment sum, taking of the oath of allegiance and issue of certificate of naturalisation and passport. Finally, delivery of your passport and certificate of naturalisation to you.

The fees depends on the type of investment you have chosen and the number of family members in the family application. Our WhinChester Advisors will be able to effectively compute your package costs for you. Consult them.Complete the Assessment form and submit.

Firstly, you have to pay the Consultancy & Retainer Fee upon your execution of the contract for services. Then the forms for completion and checklist will be forwarded to you. Once you complete all forms and satisfy all relevant documents you have to settle the pre-approval fees together with the deposit of the completed forms and documents to us. The pre-approval fees comprises of the application fee, due diligence and investigative checks fee and the first segment of our professional service fees. Upon approval of the application the investment sum, naturalisation and legalization fees and the next or final segment of our professional services fees becomes payable. If the application is not granted by the Citizenship and Immigration Services Processing Unit, we will not request, insist or accept the balance of our professional services fee and no other third party payments including the investment sums becomes payable.

Yes we do, after a comprehensive quality review by our administrative department, your application is sent to legal for our independent immigration attorney to conduct a thorough legal review, providing written feedback on your application. Once it is passed by legal we submit. If further info or document is requested by attorney or certain concerns is raised; we will correct and work with you to ensure that your disclosed information is at no time at variance with your documents. We’ll work with you to source, update and clarify any last piece of your application our immigration attorney may request before submission.


Can you provide business set up for me in the UAE?


Without a doubt. You just have to make the request. WhinChester Business Setup is a platform that helps in setting up and establishing businesses. Right from incorporation, registration and licensing to establishing your office space; we can provide. We have a strong commitment to high quality professionalism and comprehensive capability to perform our duties smoothly and effortlessly. All because we have the experienced, dedicated and competent manpower to serve our clients like you.

Time is paramount for any successful business operation. Which is why, at WhinChester, we prioritize ease of doing business with us by having competent and experienced personnel in all facets of the services we provide. We believe when you have sufficiently experienced and dedicated manpower, our clients will not suffer with inordinate delay in the delivery of services. For example, we have a dedicated department for each line of services and experiencedpersonnel for each area in that department. When we say we deliver second passports in three months, we deliver in there months. When we say we incorporate companies within 48 hours, we do so in 48 hours; different time for different service as all don’t carry the same time for completion. By offering a single-window approach and a highly efficient service team, we are able to eliminate complicated processes and guarantee the delivery of services efficiently and timeously.

Supporting you and your business have always been our top priority and in these uncertain times, we want to assure you that we are here to support you with successful delivery of your required services and your business initiatives.  We have want it takes to do so.

Upon receipt of your invoice, we will direct you to our designated bank account for making payment by swift transfer. You can also make payments for small invoice sum through money transfer bureaus like WU, MG. Payments can also be made through Pay Pal and Crypto.


Should you have any further question o not hesitate to contact us? We are here to serve you and serve we do well. Consult our WhinChester Advisors!.

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Our experienced team will guide you and work with you to proper completion of your application as well as in choosing suitable investment and endowment opportunities.  We will help you to complete all the forms and gather all the information and documentation necessary to file a successful application.


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