European Citizenships Program - BULGARIA


Capital City: Sofia

Permanent Residency Euro: 512,000
Citizenship - Euro + Euro 512,000
Investment - Euro 1,024,000
Population 6.9 Million (2021)
Official Language 85% Speak the official language, Bulgarian. 2.5% speak Macedonian, remaining speak English
Who can apply All Family members in one single application
Dual Citizenship Allowed
Residency Requirement No Minimum Residency Requirement
Visa Free Travel 188 Destinations and European Citizenship.
Processing Time 6 months (Residency)
Processing Time 18 – 24 months (Citizenship)


Bulgaria located in Southeast Europe is an EU member state since 2007. With the Mediterranean climate territory bordering the Black Sea to the East and the Danube River to the North. Bulgaria is a suitably located European Country in which to reside and work. A transport crossroad, affording access to Western Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East presents an excellent Residency and Citizenship Program on the World Stage with its Immigrant Investor Program. After amendments passed in February 2021, applicants to the Bulgarian Immigrant Investor Program can choose between several investment options.


Bulgaria’s Immigrant Investor Program was launched in 2009 as a means for foreign nationals to obtain Citizenship of Bulgaria following a period of nominal permanent residence in the country.                                                       


One of the options to get Bulgaria Citizenship and a Bulgarian Passport is a simple two-step process.  Investors must first apply for the Permanent Residency Program by investing €512,000 into a choice investment fund vehicle. The process for Permanent Residency (PR) takes approximately six (6) months to complete.  Shortly after residency has been approved, applicants can then fast track to the citizenship stage by investing a further €512,000. The total time frame is around 18 months, making it one of the fastest means of obtaining citizenship in an EU country.



Bulgarian Residency Investor can apply for Bulgarian citizenship after 5 years of receipt of his permanent residency permit.  As stated earlier, it is also possible to fast-track the citizenship option within 18 months by increasing the investment amount by a further €512,000.



  • Investment of €512,000 for Permanent Residency.
  • Fast-track to Citizenship in 18 months with a total payment of €1,024,000
  • Excellent Choice of Investment Type
  • Full Family Residency
  • Flexible, No Requirement to Reside.
  • No Language Requirement
  • Investment can be liquidated within five (5) years
  • Visa-Free Access to 188 countries and territories.


The Bulgarian Golden Visa Program [BGVP] may be attractive to those seeking more sophisticated investment in the financial market as opposed to a real estate investment in one of the other European Programs. The initial cost may appear to be high but as is commonplace amongst the investor citizenship programs you have the opportunity to liquidate your investment after five years.


We are there to help you achieve good results in your quest to acquire Bulgarian Citizenship.  We will ensure the procedure is hassle-free for you and will simplify it to a manageable and non-protracted process. 


We work closely with the State Agency for Bulgarians abroad and the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice.  To acquire Bulgarian Citizenship, there must be careful planning and excellent communication and cooperation between us, you and the responsible Government authorities. 


Our lawyers have extensive professional experience in the laws regulating Bulgaria Citizenship and solid training in the field of obtaining Bulgarian Citizenship and Passport.  We can advise you on the eligibility of Bulgarian Citizenship and assist in the clarification, preparation and completion of the supporting documents.  We will liaise with the relevant bodies to assist at each step, including completion of all the steps on your behalf to help complete your application in the quickest possible time and submit to the Agency for processing.

Benefits of Acquiring Bulgarian

  • Unrestricted right to live, work and study in Europe.
  • Visa-free travel or Visa on arrival to more than 188 destinations.
  • The right to acquire property in Bulgaria and a number of other EU Countries which may otherwise restrict access to foreign nationals.
  • Various rights to access the education system of Bulgaria and the member states of the EU (including for e.g. to pay fees at home/EU rates at institutions of higher and further education, to receive student loans and financial assistance).

Steps to obtain Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment

  1. Opening of a personal bank account, depositing €512,000 to be invested in Government Bonds. Completing all forms and satisfaction of all required documents for Investor Visa application.
  2. Applying for Bulgarian Investor Visa in the nearest Bulgarian Embassy or General Consulate.
  3. Upon receipt of Visa, lodge application for residency.
  4. Hold permanent residence for five years. Towards the satisfaction of the five year period, commence the application for Citizenship.

We may also assist with:

  • Permanent residence in Bulgaria.
  • Temporary Residence in Bulgaria.
  • Company formation in Bulgaria.
  • Buying a property in Bulgaria.

Right now it is no longer compulsory to open a private bank account if you don’t want to.  The requirement is more flexible right now.  Instead of opening a bank account you can buy Bulgarian Government Bonds from any local bank in your country of residence and maintain the investment there.

If you purchase Bulgarian Government Bonds from overseas you must provide a legal Certificate evidencing the purchased Bond’s.  These Bonds are offered by LGT Banks which have branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Bahrain.  The only drawback with the LGT Bank’s is their 5 Million CHF or USD/Euro equivalent deposit to open Bank Accounts.

Bulgarian Banks do not have this high minimum deposit requirement to open Bank Account, hence the reason why opening a Bank Account in Bulgaria is more dominant in the processing of or applying for Bulgarian Citizenship.

Should you be interested in acquiring Bulgarian Citizenship, we at WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse can handle the entire process from beginning to successful end. Contact us for guidance and know-how.

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Bulgaria Citizenship

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