Citizenship By Investment Program

Cambodia, an Asian Country has found the list of countries offering Citizenship by Investment Program.


The process is a fast quick expedited one wherein an interested applicant could become naturalized within 3-4 months upon submission of his application.


The investment sum is US$ 245,000 to the Royal Government, a donation of –


  • Investment of US$ 305,000 in an approved project.


This program is suitable to persons who have a particular interest in Cambodia.  We are wishing to have the same rights of settlement and private ownership as locals.

Cambodia Citizenship is unattractive to global mobility as it only offers 53 Visa-Free destinations which does not include Europe or North America.

Program Brief

Type of Program

Direct Citizenship Program

Processing Time

3 Months

Time for Payment




Minimum Investment

US4 245,000

Residency Requirement


Visa-Free Travel

53 Destinations

Contribution Types

Donation, Special Development Projects (SDP),

Business Investment

Investment Options




US$ 245,000 (1M KHR) donation to the Royal Government



US$ 305,000 (1.25M KHR) investment into a project with a Cambodia Council (CDC); or

US$ 305,000 (1.25M HKR) investment into a project based on having received authorisation for investment from the Royal Government


Additional Fees


US$ 5,000.00

Ø  Application fee  –  US$25,000

Ø  Upon Approval  –  US$ 40,000

Ø  Upon Collection of Passport –  US$ 15,000

Ø  Dependents Fee of US$ 5,000 for Spouse, Children under 18 who apply afte4r Citizenship has been granted, to Main Applicant.

Processing Time

3 – 6 Months



Cambodia Citizenship


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