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Our business is not to tell our clients that we can’t achieve their needs and wishes but to let our clients know how to achieve what they want to achieve in the most moral ethical and legal way; for example, we organised companies within 48 business hours and get Bank Accounts open with in three weeks, that’s our business; And that’s a fact!


Our business is to solve our clients’ needs and to provide them with the best results in satisfaction of that need without any unnecessary delay.  We successfully deliver Caribbean Citizenship and European Citizenship & Residency within the prescribed time of the chosen jurisdiction.


Our business is to provide services to our clients at minimum and professionally reasonable costs. All our fees for services are negotiable; only Government Official fees and third party Disbursements costs are non-negotiable as they are beyond our control but with respect to our professional fees for services rendered, we can chat!!


Due to our decades of experience in the immigration and corporate industry and our well-established global network of skilled professionals, we are confident that we are able to provide you with the comprehensive guidance and support you require in the acquisition of your citizenship, residency and second passport.

WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse deals with the uniqueness of every client situation and provide effective advice to meet clients’ needs and expectations. This is our business.

Our Business is your Business!. You are the client to serve and serve we must serve you well.

You can contact us in London, Dubai, China, HK, Nigeria, Turkey, India and In the Caribbean.

You can also reach us by email, phone, whatsapp. We are ready to arrange and communicate with you through any medium of your choice

Our Values |

  • Commitment
  • Dedication
  • Discipline
  • Honesty
To develop a service and customize a relationship that is most courteous.  To provide the most competitive costs for services.  To ensure that services reach the ultimate beneficiary at the soonest by assigning the most experience and knowledgeable WhinChester Specialist in the specific field of services requested.

It is said that the client is key.  We absolutely agree.  We keep our overheads and the way we do business very lean but yet productive and efficient.  That’s why we can pride ourselves in providing the most competitive costs for services rendered to all our clients and partners.  Our partners’ success is our success.


The Citizenship and Residency industry is dynamic, forever evolving. There is never a predictable way.  We like it that way because of over our two decades in the industry, we have come across and experience many changes and have successfully adapted to all.  We challenge ourselves to respond to changes immediately.  It has been done.


WhinChester ensures that the entire team has the appropriate skills set, experience and knowledge to carry out their job at the highest level.  We want you to expect and experience nothing less but absolute professionalism from us from the outset of you establishing a relationship with us.  The team will spend as much time as possible to understand and cater to your needs.


We are empowered to make quick decisions and provide you with the best discounted and affordable costs on every transaction.


WhinChester, as Leaders in the Citizenship & Residency Industry for well over two decades will continue to deliver an efficient and prompt service to its many satisfied clients.


Gaining a Second Citizenship or becoming a so-called resident investor is no longer a concept of just the elite but is vital aspect of Emigration. Investing today in a Caribbean Citizenship & Residency Program is a global strategy, requiring a wider understanding of just being a local or regional resident. Our Caribbean Program fits you well as a high net-worth individual to become an alternate resident citizen of a distinguish Caribbean Nation. And so is our European Programs.


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Innovative It Helping All
Program |

Why WhinChester Corporate

We have very satisfied clients from all continents on the globe and why they are satisfied with WhinChester, it is because:

  • We have Specialists that can listen to them and advise them in any language.
  • WhinChester maintains an unimpeachable track record of service to its clients

for decades.

  • Key performance on work-related-basis.
  • You can consult with us online or visit our offices in persons for free consultation at any time.
  • We maintain the strictest and highest level of privacy and confidentiality.
  • Maintain a Client-focused approach.
  • Have a wealth of experience in working with clients of various ethnic backgrounds and nationalities.

As a firm with a strong and rich practice in immigration, corporate business and practices, Intellectual Property, international banking and licensing, the founders of WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse [WHINCHESTER] are very contented and honoured to see its rise and the prominence it has taken in the service industry. We have assisted hundreds of clients to acquire the best fit citizenship and residency packs they desire.  We deal extensively with citizenship applications from all over the globe.  Our immigration Lawyers have the requisite competence, care, skill and diligence and have further accomplished tremendous professional experience in the immigration laws for each jurisdiction we serve.

If you have any question about our services or you would like to instruct or retain us to have conduct of your residency, citizenship, corporate& international business needs, company formation, bank account opening, real estate investment and acquisition get in contact with us today. We are capable of handling your needs like we have for all our clients.

Better Service To Our Worldwide

In order to Better Service To Our Worldwide Clients, we have created, established and maintained offices in China – Beijing, Shanghai, Guanzhen and Shenzhen; Hong Kong; Legos – Nigeria; Istanbul – Turkey; Dubai – UAE and in the Caribbean, Roseau – Dominica.


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