Grenada, the Land of Spice, is a country in the Caribbean and a member of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States. The four other members of the Eastern Caribbean States with a CBI program are Dominica, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia and Antigua. However, Grenada is the only one with US E-2 Visa capability.

WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse has established serious relationships and forged rewarding synergies with the Grenada Government Approved Development Projects to help our clients to invest in profitable enterprises with the ultimate catch of a renowned Grenada Citizenship and US E-2 Visa. We will assist you to establish an investment plan ultimately leading to the benefits of a United States E-2 Visa.

This plan involves an investment opportunity to obtain Grenada Citizenship – a treaty country with the United States – followed by an E-2 Visa investment, providing the benefits of living and working in the U.S.


The Citizenship-by-Investment (CBI) Program of Grenada is one of the most craved after CBI programs in the world, the main reason being its E-2 Visa capability. It presents an opportunity to leave a legacy for generations, with second citizenship, offering a way to preserve freedom of choice and capital for your family. Participation in the U.S. E-2 Program (allowing investors to live and work in the United States) is the major hallmarks of Grenada Citizenship. In Grenada, there is a well-established Grenada Citizenship Processing Unit of the Government of Grenada, with enhanced governance and the highest standards of due-diligence. 

WhinChester is in active communication for the latest changes in the program, so we can correctly advise you at all times.


  • Citizenship is for life for the investor, spouse, children, parents and siblings
  • Swift processing time – Grenada passports issued within 90 days
  • Tax-efficient jurisdiction
  • Citizens of Grenada are eligible to apply for the United States E-2 visa
  • Applicants are not required to visit or reside in Grenada
  • Citizenship can be passed down through generations
  • Citizens of Grenada may travel visa-free to more than 130 countries
  • Citizenship includes full residency status; the right to work in Grenada
  • Full right to live and work in any Eastern Caribbean Country
  • Strong Parliamentary West Minister Style system of Government
  • Stable Economy and Strong EC Dollar Currency, EC2.70 to US$1.

You want your US E-2 Visa. Now we have partnered with the GRENADA NATIONAL RESORT PROJECT in which you can participate as an investor and within three months of submission of your application gain your Grenada Citizenship and be on your way to US E-2 Visa.


The Grenada National Resort Project is the largest foreign investment project in the Caribbean island, 2.4 Billion USD and the only project who paid 35 million USD to the Government of Grenada upon the acquisition of the land for the project. Hence, the reason for the Government of Grenada strong support and backing for the project and with such strong confidence in the success of the project had no hesitation in lending the country’s name to the Project, Grenada National Resort Project. This is largest development project not only under the CBI project but ever undertaken in the island as a whole, ” Grenada National Resort Project”

Grenada National Resort Project has three different Business Models :-

1. Share pledge option: With an investment sum of USD298,000 plus other inconsequential applicable fees for a family of four members, you can opt for this Share Pledge Option. By this option, after investment approval if a client wants to pledge his share, then he will get in return USD82,000 after five working days (considering the investment approval date). By this way investor actual contribution will be minimized.

2. Share Resale Option: This option gives the investor the ability to resell and maintain his citizenship and US E-2 Visa, with a total  investment of USD 298,000 USD for the four family members. You as the investor can resale your share after 5 years later.

3. Grenada Passport + USA E-2 Visa Option:  Total investment is 500,000 USD package plus a few other inconsequential fees. Total processing time : Grenadian passport by 3 month Max.

The construction timeline 2020-05 to 2030-08 :-

  • Phase 1: 2020-05 to 2024-8
  • Phase 2: 2024-08 to 2026-8
  • Phase 3: 2026-08 to 2028-8
  • Phase 4: 2028-o8 to 2030-8

Our Grenada- WhinChester team will pre-check all documents free of charge then next step is to submit your application to the Grenada CBI unit. Only after file approval you will pay the investment amount, thereby giving the project its very flexible process. Our application processing is very fast because we have a special Team in the Caribbean to handle your application and experienced immigration and corporate lawyers as part of our team.

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Grenada Citizenship & Residency


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