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An island country in the Mediterranean Sea, 80km South of Italy, 284km East of Tunisia and 333 km(207 miles) North of Libya. Population of about 515,000 over an area of 316KM. Malta is the world’s tenth smallest country in area and fourth most densely populated sovereign country.

No, it is not the same as the Malta Individual ended in 2020. The granting of Citizenship Exceptional Services Regulation introduced entirely new and independent route to Malta Citizenship.

No, there are two steps you must complete before Malta Citizenship can be granted to you. 

You must complete at least 12 months of residence in Malta before applying for citizenship.

Yes, you must demonstrate a strong physical and connection in Malta during the residence period!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Main Applicant and all dependents Aged18 years and above must provide proof of residence in Malta.

Validity is up to 36 months and is Renewed if you have applied to take part in the preceding eligibility stage

Yes, qualifying dependents includes Spouses in a monogamous marriage and partners in a relationship with similar status to monogamous marriage (including a civil union, domestic partnership, or common law marriage).

Yes, you can include your children or those of your spouse/partner so long as, if at the time of the submission of the application they are:-
• Under 18
• Aged 18 – 28, unmarried, and wholly maintained or otherwise supported by you or your spouse.
• Disabled children above 18.

Under the granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services Regulations, adopted children have the same rights as a naturally born child and must fulfill the same requirements to qualify as dependants.

Your parents and grandparents or those of your spouse/partner, 55 years and above, wholly maintained or otherwise largely supported by you can be included in your application. You must be able to prove

The Community Malta Agency determines which nationalities are ineligible for naturalization under exceptional services for direct investment. As of March 2021, citizens or persons with close ties to the following countries are deemed ineligible:

  • South Sudan
  • Afghanistan
  • Syria
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Venezuela
  • Iran
  • Somalia
  • North Korea

There are other applicable costs and fees throughout that process, including the residence permit and residence card cost.  You are also responsible for Due Diligence and Administrative Fees.

You and all other successful dependents must file an annual Compliance Form for the first five years from the Oath of Allegiance date.  This is because Community Malta Agency conducts continuous monitoring for five years for example, to ensure you hold your real estate investment for the entirety of the five year period.

The amount received for the Exceptional Direct Investment changes according to whether you have resided in Malta between 12 and 36 months or 36 months or more.  The threshold is higher for those who have lived in Malta for less time.

10,000 is in the initial deposit requirement and is non-refundable.  This means that you will either be asked to pay 590,000  (36 + months residency) or 740,000 (12-36 months residency) at the Citizenship stage.

You must make the payment within four months of the issuance of your approval letter.

You must either purchase real estate worth 700,000 or rent real estate at least 16,000 per annum.  The property must be held for five years from the date of issue of your Certificate of Naturalization. The real estate property you choose must be residential, adequate and suitable for you and your dependents.

Throughout the five year holding period, you may be authorized by Community Malta Agency to substitute your real estate by purchasing or leasing another equivalent property.

The donation must be made to a registered Philanthropic, cultural, sport, scientific, animal welfare, or artistic non-governmental organization or society or as otherwise approved by Community Malta Agency.

All Applicants 18 years and over must take the Oath of Allegiance in Malta within six weeks of approval.

Yes a recognized Medical Practitioner, Clinic, hospital, medical or health institute, or other health care system must attest that you and your dependents are in good health, not suffering from any contagious disease and not likely to become a burden on the Maltese Public Health system.

Community Malta Agency conducts continuous monitoring of the main applicant and his or her dependents for five years from the grant of Citizenship.  During these five years, the main applicant and dependents must complete and file a compliance form every year.  They may also be asked to attend an interview.

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