European Citizenships Program - Montenegro


Citizenship in Montenegro is now available in exchange for either a donation or a property investment.

Capital City – Podgorica

Minimum Investment: €350,000
Population 621,718 (2020) No minimum residency requirement: None [Visit required to complete Application]
Unrestricted Global Mobility 137 destinations
Processing time to Permanent Residency 3 months
Processing time to Citizenship 4-6 months
Contribution Types Donation Property Investment

Montenegro with its unrestricted global mobility of 137destinations is a good fit for a busy traveler.  Participants of all family members in one single application with a quick processing time of 3 months are the heralds of the Montenegro Citizenship Programme.



Montenegro Citizenship By Investment Program was launched in 2018. It is Europe’s youngest Citizenship by Investment Program. In that year 2018, the Montenegrin Government fully approved the conditions for granting citizenship by investment.  It requires applicants to make a defined economic contribution to Montenegrin Society through an investment in an approved development project and a capital contribution to a fund designated by the Government for the advancement of under-developed areas.



The key condition is to invest in a Government Approved Project. Applicants can apply by investing in one of several Government Approved Real Estate Development Projects. The sum ranges from €250,000 in the Northern and Central Region to € 450,000 in the capital of Podgorica and the Coastal Region. An additional Government donation of €100,000 is required plus Application and Due Diligence Fees.


To qualify, the Main Applicant must make an investment in real estate and a concurrent contribution or donation to the state. The investment can be made in either the Northern Region or the Southern part of Montenegro.


In either case, there is a five year holding period before the investment can be divested to another investor

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Main Requirement For Montenegro

Option One

This option includes a:

  • €100,000 contribution to the state
  • €250,000 investment into a government approved real-estate development project in the northern part of the country.

Option Two

This option also includes a:

  • €100,000 contribution to the state
  • €450,000 investment into Government approved real-estate developments in the southern part of Montenegro or in the capital city of Podgorica
  1. Applicants must not be subject to individual sanctions or banned from entry to the EU,UK, USA, Canada.
  2. Have no Criminal Record – Clean Police Clearance Certificate
  3. Not subject of Criminal Investigation or Criminal Complaint
  4. Have reliable source of funds for investment
  5. Good Credit Rating
  6. Have an irreproachable personal and business reputation
  7. Good Health.
  8. Holder of a valid Passport or other travel document.
  9. No Minimum Residency Requirement.
Processing Time – Three months Processing Fees
  • €15,000 for the Main Applicant.
  • €10,000 for each Dependent up to four additional Dependents.
  • €50,000 for each dependent after the fourth Dependent

The Montenegrin Program is unique of its kind and is becoming increasingly popular amongst investors. Due to the fact that Montenegro is expected to be a full EU member in 2025, it is worthwhile to consider a once in a life time opportunity for investors to get a Montenegrin Citizenship, that matures just as a  good wine, by replenishing its value over time.  You should start the process today to save you likely bigger costs in the future. WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse is able to potentially handle your application for Montenegro Citizenship.

President Jean-Claude Juncker, former President of the European Commissioner described Montenegro as a frontrunner for EU membership.  Montenegro has been in accession talks with the EU since in 2012.

For the time being, Montenegrin Citizenship grants visa-free travel to over 137 countries among them being Germany, Italy, France, and the entire Schengen-Zone.  However, in 2025 Montenegro will join the EU, and its citizens will be able to work live and do business anywhere in the European Union.  This means the ability for your children to attend the best European Universities, take part in the Erasmus Program or other unique scholarship possibilities reserved only for European Citizens will become available to you and your children.

You do not need to take any language exam or possess any knowledge of the country and do not need to live in the country.  The Montenegrin authority is making it possible and accessible for you to secure your Montenegrin Citizenship and Passport.  Don’t allow this golden opportunity to pass you by. Time may not be on your side.

WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse is fully mandated to handle your application.  We will also assist to comply with all necessary recurrent requirements including compliance and renewals.  We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who provide personal assistance in every way to you.

Advantages of Montenegro Citizenship

  • A European country located at the sea aiming to join the EU in 2025
  • A member to the UN and NATO
  • Visa free travel to 137 countries worldwide
  • Visa free travel to EU countries within the Schengen Area, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania, Russia, Turkey and many others
  • Citizenship for the whole family right away. [Investor and family members]
  • Highly attractive terms
  • No residency requirement to live in Montenegro to learn the language
  • No requirement to renounce existing citizenship.  Dual Citizenship is permitted
  • Asset protection and Tax advantages, personal income tax rate is 9%.
  •  Only Income generated inside Montenegro is taxable        
  • *No inheritance tax, No gift tax
  • *No tax on life and property insurance
  • Safe future, stable and secure environment for you and your loved ones.
  • Access to quality Education:  the key to the success of your children.
  • Receive the best possible Healthcare Services.
  • E-2 US Business Visa


E2 US Business Visa


Montenegrin Citizens are eligible to apply for an E-2 US Visa which allows them to live and work in the U.S.  Applicants for this Visa need to establish or buy a business in the United States typically investors invest US$100,000 in a project.  In contrast, citizens from a number of other countries can only apply for an EB-5 U.S. Visa in return for investment over $500,000. 


Who will receive Montenegro Citizenship?


With a single investment from the Principal Applicant/Investor, citizenship can be obtained by the Investor himself, his Spouse and children up to 18 years old together with his financially dependent children with disability without age restriction.  Citizenship is also given to children born after the investor has obtained Montenegro Citizenship like the other programs, as well as each successive generation.

Investment Conditionsin
A Nutshell

  • Invest €250’000 in some of the development projects previously approved by the Government in undeveloped areas of Montenegro (North) or
  • Invest €450,000 in some of the development projects previously approved by the government in the developed areas of Montenegro (South)
  • €100’000 Government Fee payable on either investment route
  • Applicant Fee €15’000 for single applicant. €10’000 for family application up to four members. €50’000 for each other family member.
  • Total Investment requires a minimum of €350’000 or more
  • Additional cost for due diligence, professional service fee, and naturalisation fees etc.

European Dimensions
And Value

Montenegrin Citizenship and a Second Passport from a European Nation is an attractive option for you. With a Montenegrin Passport you will enjoy Visa Free Travel to over 137 destinations worldwide.

Citizenship of the European Union carries a large premium in the market because of the settlement rights allowing citizenship of all EU country to live anywhere in the EU. Obtaining citizenship in Montenegro for such a purpose is more than suitable but strategically good thinking.

To qualify for the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program, the main applicant must be over 18 years of age, meet the application requirements and make the qualifying contributions to the Government of Montenegro.

Montenegro Passport is ranked 42nd in the world with visa free access to 1s7 destinations including EU, Schengen Member Countries, Russia, Turkey, Singapore, etc. A visa is required to travel to UK, Canada, Australia and United States. Apply for your Montenegrin Citizenship today!

We at WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse will handle everything until you get your Montenegrin Passport. Let us know your current immigration requirement and what you are hoping to achieve.  You will get an instant acknowledgment.  The fields marked with an * are mandatory.

Let’s meet face to face in the office live online chat; by WhatsApp, or by reliable exchanges through email.  We will give you the best suited course of action to achieve your Montenegrin Second Citizenship and Residency.

WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse is fully mandated to handle your application.  We will also assist to comply with all necessary recurrent requirements including compliance and renewals.  We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who provide personal assistance in every way to you.

Montenegro Citizenship & Residency

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