European Citizenships Program - IRELAND


Capital City:  Dublin “The Meeting Point of the World”

Location Western Edge of Europe
Program Type Golden Visa Program
Citizenship after 5 Years of Physical Residence in Ireland Family Members can join in Single Application
Minimum Investment € 1,000,000
Net Asset Value € 2,000,000
Residency Requirement 1 day per year to maintain temporary residency, more if permanent
Application Processing Time 10 months
Visa-Free Travel 188 Destinations

Ireland Immigrant Investor

Established in 2012, Ireland Immigrant Investor Program was introduced to drive inward investment, create business and employment opportunities in Ireland. In recent years, the Program has begun to pick up pace with investors.


  • Quick Process – Average10 months from submission of application to final approval
  • No Minimum Residency Requirement:  one day visit per year only
  • No re-entry visa requirement: An Irish Residence Permit can be used to re-enter the State during the duration of the permission
  • Family permission:  Spouse/Partner and children under 18 qualify automatically (and children up to the age of 23 who are in full time education). All can be included in single application.
  • Strong nature of permission:  Work, run a business, study (including state education for primary and secondary school)
  • Easily Renewable:  Pathway to long term residency and opportunity to apply for citizenship after 5 years
  • The right to live, work, study and undertake business in Ireland.


  • Must have net asset value of €2,000,000.
  • Ireland is not a Schengen Visa Country and visas are still required for travel to UK and other European countries;
  • You must reside in Ireland for 60 months in order to be eligible for citizenship;
  • Cost:  minimum of €1,000,000 investment or €400,000 endowment – borrowing not permitted.

for the Program?


A minimum investment of €1,000,000 in a single Irish enterprise or spread over a number of enterprises for a minimum of 3 years. The enterprise may be a start-up established by the investor or an existing business registered in Ireland. The enterprise must be registered and headquartered in Ireland. The investment must support the creation or maintenance of employment. The investment must be made in the name of the individual seeking residence under the Program.




A minimum investment of €1,000,000 in an approved investment fund for a minimum of 3 years.



A minimum endowment of €400,000 in a project of public benefit in the arts, sports, health, cultural or educational field. The endowment should be regarded as a philanthropic contribution with a clear public benefit. Investors will receive no financial return or recoupment of the principal.



4. REITs

A €2,000,000 investment in a real estate investment trust listed on the Irish stock exchange.



The application process has three stages



Stage One – Application for Investment and Immigration Approval

In the application stage candidates will submit their application forms and all supporting documentation as well as the required details of their investment proposals for approval by the Department of Justice.

If approved a letter of Pre-Approval is issued.  The applicant has 90 days in which to complete their investment.



Stage Two – Visit Ireland and Complete the Investment.

Complete the investment/endowment and submit evidence of same to the Department of Justice to get their letter or Final Approval.



Note:  No investment is required prior to approval.


Stage Three –

Apply for a visa to visit Ireland to complete registration of permission in person.

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Advantages of Ireland as a
Place to Reside

  • English Speaking
  • Safe Secure & Stable Political Environment
  • Strong Rule of Law
  • Strong Education System for your Children.
  • Clean Environment – Very Little to no Pollution
  • Multi-Cultural Society
  • EU Membership
  • Strong Pro-Business Climate
  • Low Population Density (72 people per square kilometre)
  • Friendly Peaceful and Hospitable People


The Economic Intelligence Unit ranks the Irish democracy as one of the most stable democracies in the world, ranking alongside Norway, Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand, Denmark and Canada.


Located on the western edge of Europe, Ireland is a diverse, scenic country where residents enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world. In a 2020 United Nations Human Development Report ranked Ireland second for overall standard of living (ahead of Germany, the UK, Sweden and Australia.).



An open economy, Ireland is a favoured destination for foreign direct investment by multinationals. The country is pro- business and has a notoriously low corporation tax rate (currently 12.5%).

Most of the multi-national corporations like Facebook, Huawei, Microsoft and Google have their European HQs in Dublin.

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If you are fortunate enough to eventually qualify for an Irish passport, it ranks 6th globally in International Passport Index 2021 and 3rd in the global passport power rank. This ranking puts the Irish passport as one of the most powerful in the world, above countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.



Investment Type

Holding Period

Other Requirements


Irish Enterprise

Three Years

Must be accompanied by a business plan.




Investment Type

Holding Period

Other Requirements


Irish Enterprise

Three Years

Must be accompanied by a business plan.




Investment Type

Holding Period

Other Requirements




Irish Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)


Three Years


REIT must be listed on the Irish Stock Exchange




Investment Type


€ 500,000


Donation to a project of public benefit to Irish arts, sports, health, culture or education.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Investors wishing to pursue residence under the program must be non-EEA nationality, have a personal (independent) wealth of minimum €2 Million or more and be of good character, without criminal conviction.

Under Ireland Immigrant Investor Program, Investor can include the following family members in single application:

  • Spouse (or Partner)
  • Children under 18 for whom the Main Applicant and/or Main Applicant Spouse (or Partner) has legal guardianship.
  • Children aged 18-24, only if unmarried with no life Partner and financial dependant.

Investors and any of their family members included in the application must be physically present in Ireland for one day per calendar year – or lose their residence rights.

From submission of the application, the average processing time is three to four months.  However, application processing may take longer if the Evaluation Committee requests additional information from the applicant.

Applicants must renew their first residence permit after two years, renew their second residence permit after three years and renew subsequent residence permit after five years.  At each renewal applicant must demonstrate that their investment is being held (or that the donation was made), they have not become a financial burden on Ireland and they have not been investigated, indicted or convicted in relation of a criminal offence.

Aside from the fact that investor’s must be Non – EEA Nationals, no country is excluded from the program.  However, international sanctions agreements to which Ireland is a party may apply.

For sure you can be a good fit for the Ireland Investor immigrant Program once:

  • You are a high net worth individual interested in expanding your asset base.
  • You are a Business person and entrepreneur seeking to locate your business interests in Ireland.
  • Have a nuclear family seeking to obtain residence of an EU Member State.

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