Head of State British Monarchy –Queen Elizabeth II
Population 15,094 (2011)
Official Language English
Minimum Real Estate Investment US$150,000.
Residency Requirement for Citizenship After 5 years of permanent residence
Eligible Property participation Home, Condominium,Hotel Units
Processing time 3 – 4 months
Global Mobility 144 Countries
Dual Citizenship Permitted
Tax Residency USD 75,000 annual payment

ANGUILLA launches its Tax Residency Program in June 2019.  The Program is attractive for Investors seeking a tax efficient jurisdiction. Unlike other Caribbean Programs such as –


  • Commonwealth of Dominica;
  • St Kitts;
  • Lucia;
  • Grenada
  • Antigua;


The Anguillan Program is not a Citizenship By Investment Program or Second Passport Program but a residency program.  Applicants can qualify for residency by making an investment either to the Capital Development Fund or direct into Real Estate.


The Capital Development Fund is set up as a special fund by the Government of Anguilla.  Its purpose is to grow and diversify the economy through investing in meaningful public sector projects on the island.  The minimum investment is US$150,000 for a single applicant plus US$50,000 for Spouse or each additional dependent. There is also application, due diligence and processing fees.


Applicants can qualify for residency in Anguilla under the Real Estate Investment Option.  This requires a minimum investment of US$750,000 which will qualify up to a family of four members for residency.  For each additional family member, a further US$100,000 investment is required.  As usual there is application, due diligence and processing fees. 


  1. Property needs to be retained for a minimum five year period.
  1. Eligible properties can be home, condominium, hotel units or other forms of real estate.
  1. Investors can submit for conditional approval of the application prior to committing to the investment.


Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory and therefore falls under UK Sovereignty although it is not formally part of the UK.  As stated earlier, the Program is not a Citizenship by Investment Program

as with other Caribbean Programs on the market like the Caribbean 5 – Dominica, St Kitts, Antigua, Grenada and St Lucia but a residency program.


However, after five years of residency it is possible to apply to become a British Overseas Territory Citizen and eventually a British Citizen.



Anguillan HVR Program is suitable for highly successful investors and entrepreneurs who travel a lot globally.  Applicants can get tax residency in Anguilla through the annual payment of US$75,000.  Applicants will need to commit to a minimum of five years.  The applicant must own and maintain property in Anguilla valued in excess of US$400,000 throughout that time.


The Applicant will be required to establish genuine links to Anguilla and must make a written declaration every year that they are spending less than 183 days (6 months) in any other country.


  • Anguilla has no direct taxation.
  • No Income Tax
  • No Capital Gains Tax
  • No gift, No net worth tax
  • No Inheritance, No Corporate Tax

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