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It is undoubtedly an industry leader in Immigration Services, Investor citizenship Programs, Management, Intellectual Property Rights and Protection, Local & International Banking Advisory Services, Corporate and International Business Services as well as trust formation and tax optimization. Our priority is always our clients. We put their individual needs first and understand the value of building relationships based on mutual corporate trust and appreciation of our clients’ business and their needs. We bring commitment, commercial awareness and legal experience in the delivery of our services. WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse is a registered entity in the United Arab Emirates and Governed by the laws of the Emirates.

It is licensed to provide immigration, residency, management, real estate, corporate and International Business Services in several European Countries, Asian Countries, Caribbean and Latin American Countries and regulated by each of these countries regulatory body.


Immigration and International
Business Industry

WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse [WHINCHESTER] is heralded for its integrity, its knowledgeable and skillful advisory services and its client-focused concentration in directing its clients properly through this perplexed and ever evolving immigration and international business industry.

Our good reputation stands on our morals, principles, professionalism and our ability to adapt to our clients’ needs.

WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse [WHINCHESTER] remains a Leading Company for immigration solution and a reliable partner for corporate and international business support services.  It has always been our credo to develop individual solutions as every client has different needs and wishes.

Welcome to WhinChester Corporate
& Immigration Services PowerHouse

My name is Garry Isaac, Chief Executive Officer of WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse Group.

As the General overseer of the Company’s business and operations, I am pleased to welcome you to WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse your service provider of choice that brings the following services to you


We are all aware of the political struggles between China and Taiwan the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine backed by the US and Ukraine European allies, which has caused the international community to be divided and heavily polarised.  This has created the need, more than ever before, for investors like you to look for safer, environment as investment alternates for doing business as well as peaceful and tranquil travel to those jurisdictions in which you have chosen to do business.

The long established foundations upon which the global economy has been built appears to be showing signs of fragility and as such, the world economy is likely to face various uncertainties in the coming years.


Immigration and International
Business Industry

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is gearing particularly in the development of digital technologies.  All Governments around the world are engulfed in the need to progress into the digitalization of their services which will eventually call for serious corporate advisory services to clients who will have no choice but to move their business in that direction; Business growth and digitalization in the coming years will move along hand-in-hand.

Since its founding, WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse has endeavoured to provide its clients with superior services and innovative ways to meet its many clients’ needs and expectations.  It is through the provision of those services that WhinChester has grown to be a market leader in its field of services.

We are grateful for the tremendous support you, our clients, have given us over the years and we would like to thank all of you as well as our other partners and stakeholders for your unwavering support; we look forward to continue serving you and to help create a new and brighter future for your business, yourself and your family.

As you navigate our website, I hope you learn more about the services we provide, the qualities that make our Company, WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse, an outstanding provider and market leader in the Immigration and Visa Assistance, Banking, Global Company Formations, Corporate and International Business Services Industry to mention a few.

We provide service with a human touch.  We have earned the trust, confidence and respect of our clients for one simple reason- we have great people on staff who served our clients well.

Become our friend, our client, our partner, our affiliated Agent – You win possession of the business, then we process.

Once more, a pleasant welcome to WhinChester Corporate & Immigration Services PowerHouse.

Benefits of Citizenship by Investment
& Golden Visa |


Global Mobility

Travel worldwide freely without the burden of
visa rejection anymore, including visa free
access to the Schengen zone and the UK.

Family security

Secure a better future for your children
through high quality education and

Business opportunities

Expand your business and start operating
globally with easier access to the major
business hubs.

Tax Haven

Preserve your wealth through a favorable tax regime in Europe or enjoy no tax liability
offered in the Caribbean.


Invest in lucrative real estate deals that allow
you to capitalize on your future by generating
rental returns, with the prerogative to sell your
assets within an average 5-year period.

Global Citizen

Enjoy the freedom to relocate to Europe or
other countries, away from political and
economic instability.

Headquarters |

Our Headquarters is in Dubai but to make it easier for our clients to be able to reach us and become familiar with our specialists for face-to-face consultation and advice, we have established and maintained physical offices in China – Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou& Shenzhen; Hong Kong; Nigeria – Lagos; UAE-Dubai; Istanbul – Turkey; India – Chandīgarh [Punjab] and in the Caribbean Islands – Roseau, Dominica and several partnership worldwide.

WhinChester is managed by a team of experienced lawyers, bankers, real estate and international business entrepreneurs, making a staff count of thirty with immense local knowledge and networking ready to deliver. In each of our offices there is a team that promotes the services we offer and support clients on the process and particularly the proper completion of the application forms and the collating of the required documents.


WORLDWIDE branches

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